How to access SBC global mail with Gmail

When you have a Gmail account, you get the opportunity to connect even when you use the SBC global mail format. This has become one of the simplest ways for people to access information even when in remote areas. One no longer needs to have a computer connected to the internet to the internet in order to get the emails. One can do so comfortably on the phone and with the assistance of SBCGlobal email; they will get the feeds when they want.

In order to access the mail servers, you have the chance of changing the settings and choosing the ones that you want. This makes it easier and effective for those who choose different settings in the mail wizards or want to connect with other email accounts like yahoo or Google. It becomes easier to choose the settings and storage spaces based on your needs and effectiveness to access even in remote locations. The company offers different mail settings with incoming new settings added to the email once they are upgraded.

Those who have existing Gmail emails

  1. Step one – Connect to the AT&T SBC global online page.
  2. Step two – Choose the mail connect option and log in by using the password and your Gmail  account.
  3. Step three -You have the chance to connect and view your mail.

Those who want to open

  1. Step one – Connect to the company and choose create new account.
  2. Step two – Fill in the details in the email description page and save the settings.
  3. Step three – Wait for verification details from the company.

With the chance of using the AT & T’s SBC Global, one will have the account created for them by the company and this will lead them to have all latest settings. Gmail accounts are easily accessible and have different communication settings, which makes it easier for many people to communicate in different levels of access.