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How to activate email accounts in iPhone

When you have an iPhone, you have the chance of using it to access a number of different email accounts and this makes it easier to send and receive mails. Over the years, technology has advanced making it possible for many people to chat from a number of different locations. With the chance of using an iPhone, one only needs to use the settings to activate existing email accounts or open new ones. Some are supported by the iPhone settings and others are from global email accounts like Gmail and yahoo, which are very popular. The good thing in using the iPhone is the ability to multitask and get all the settings and applications just as the case of using a laptop.

Adding pre-configured accounts

Step one

Use the mail on the iPhone screen icon and choose the mail, settings, and calendar options. This will give you the chance to enter details in the available boxes.

Step two

You need to choose the email provider from the given list and click on the add account on the icon

Step three

Type your full names, existing or new email addresses and passwords and the type of email account you want to set up in the description field.

Step four

Click on next and the iPhone will start the verification systems.

Once you have received the settings, you will have the opportunity to log into the email every time you want. The phone access method makes it easier to block off any form of spam mail and most importantly give you the chance of adding more settings and getting the daily notifications through the phone. This is suitable for those who want to start chatting, or block off the spam folder. You have the opportunity of investing in different kinds of emails which you can easily access using the iPhone.