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AT&T and Yahoo

SBCglobal.net email is the product of the merger between AT&T and Yahoo!, giving SBC users access to all parts of yahoo.com. SBCglobal email comes with SBC Internet, which is one of the most popular service providers in the country.


AT&T and Yahoo! merged in 2003, creating AT&T Yahoo!. This merger provided users with AT&T Internet service, including SBCglobal users, with access to all services that Yahoo! offers their members, such as Yahoo! email, chat rooms and instant messenger.


AT&T Internet service is very popular due to their good prices, customer service and email options. Using SBCglobal has perks and benefits that make it special compared to other email accounts outside of AT&T.


SBCglobal is just one of several services offered by AT&T. It has different Internet options, including high-speed Internet for as low as $15 a month, as of 2009. The different services have many of the same options.


SBCglobal email offers customizable homepages, spam blocker and a large address book. It also provides the ability to sign in through Yahoo! and use their sites, such as Yahoo! Groups, Flickr and Yahoo! Instant Messenger.


There have been complaints about services connected with AT&T Internet. One issue is that SMTP servers seem to cause issues for people and that port forwarding is difficult to achieve. In spite of these issues, AT&T is still considered one of the best Internet service providers.

SBCGlobal.net Mail – Onward to the Future

SBCGlobal.net Mail was created for the purpose of being able to check your account and mail in any computer. This was prior to the advent of online chat and instant messaging not very long ago. This was during a period in the recent past when people were likely to miss their important email messages because their computers were not on hand. SBCGlobal (yahoo) made email accessing possible even with public computers.

With SBC Global Mail, all you’d have to do is follow simple steps to access your account. You have to log into your account by typing in your username. Choose SBCGlobal.net from the drop-down menu and enter your password. Sign-in and you can manage your account as you normally do in your computer at home. You can compose your outgoing mail, read incoming mail and even download attachments. When you’re done, don’t forget to log off. For security reasons, this is very important. This will ensure that no one can have unauthorized access to your account and look into your private information. If you are using a public computer as one in a library or in an internet cafe, you have to take extra security precautions. For added safety, you may want to click “Internet Options” and “Delete Browsing History” so that other users will not be able to access them.

With the growing popularity of free WiFi and mobile internet, it may seem that it is getting less popular. Nowadays, checking your email using a Blackberry, iPhone or smart phone is very common and convenient. In fact, many mobile phone providers provide a variety of email related services through their respective internet portals. But knowing that you can access your email account anywhere you are even if you do not have a laptop or smart phone is reassuring.

Also it’s worth noting that with the merger of SBCGlobal Mail and Yahoo!, SBC Global users have access to most Yahoo! Services. This makes SBC Global at par with other internet services available today. Now you can setup a My Yahoo! Page, play games and log on to Yahoo!.

IT technology has gone a long way. And it is good to know that there are service providers like SBC Global Mail, which is doing its best to keep up with the new players in the industry by providing reliable and useful services.